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If Sales is sizzle can you explain what sizzle is?

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You know many sales people at your location that might be not tell the entire truth right? So how can they sleep at night? It is not fair. Wait, I wish I could learn what they are doing and do it with the truth. If you have said those words then you need to be here. You need training. You don't have to lie to sell anything your proud of. If your not proud of what you sell, quit. Read further!!!

What is sizzle and what is a lie. 

Sizzle is The act, by means of using descriptive words, of making something seem greater than what it might be.

Sizzle is selling, simply means you are doing your job to convey your product in a way that makes it so good they can't turn it down.  To become Picasso with words instead of paint. 
Nothing is wrong in this juncture of selling, but remember don’t assume the client doesn’t know what your doing.  In fact, the clients know the vast majority of time what your doing; they, however wish not to know all the negatives before purchasing, they wish you to convey how you feel about it and judge if its right or wrong for them by your emotional beliefs in the product; so in other words its time to become an actor.

We are not here to deceive clients, we are here to get them something for the betterment of their families and there future generations.  The cost to travel without you would be far greater than with you.  So, in other words, better with your product then without.  No matter what you sale remember they are better with it then without.

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Sizzle is The act, by means of using descriptive words, of making something seem greater than what it might be.
wholesale list 22/04/2011 06:19:16
Well that's a fact ....Sales people always used to speak lie for their works.
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